About the Work

     I paint from the stuck place. Paint from where I wish to be, in an imagined future.  Realizing that right here is the path to there. And the vehicle?  The whisper of liminal connections. They reluctantly reveal themselves across space and time. If I can get out of my own way, this quantum soup of entanglement is abundant.  My work chronicles this delightful tug-of-war between us.

     I was going to tell you about the portals and my life-long quest to find them.  And about my ongoing, “Defending Surface” series, created from throwing conflicting materials together, which always confirms that nothing is truly opposed.  About how I create safe space first before I can make anything.  And my dirt-worshipping tree-huggerism and connection to all things life. How do I build a harmonious system from these incongruent elements?

     More importantly, these facets are both fuel and subterfuge to the realization that I am healing the trauma of life interrupted.  I seem to be working towards that Utopian reset.  Take me back to the Zero Point.  What would life look like without that interruption?


     Oil painting and papermaking will always be my main squeezes.  A hybrid studio practice allows for installation, printmaking, sculpture and fiber arts to serve as additional "brushes."​